Position Papers

The authors of 15 accepted papers are participating in this workshop on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Position papers can be viewed/downloaded in PDF format.

Norah Abokhodair, University of Washington
Title: Culturally-Sensitive Design for Privacy: A Case Study from The Arab Gulf [pdf]

Karla A. Badillo-Urquiola*, Scott Harpin^, Lindsay Taliaferro*, Arup Kumar Ghosh*, and Pamela Wisniewski*
*University of Central Florida    ^University of Colorado
Title: Assessing the Risks versus Benefits of Conducting Research with Adolescents in Foster Care [pdf]

Rebecca Balebako, independent researcher
Title: Does It Matter if the Government is Involved? Ethical Privacy Considerations of Government Use of Social Media Data [pdf]

Eric Baumer (Lehigh University) and Andrea Forte (Drexel University)
Title: Undoing the Privacy Paradox with Data Styles [pdf]

Michael Dickard and Andrea Forte, Drexel University
Title: Temporal dimensions of boundary regulation in the context of reminiscence: Future considerations and ethical dilemmas [pdf]

Roberto Hoyle*, Qatrunnada Ismail*, Luke Stark^, David Crandall*, Apu Kapadia*, and Denise Anthony^
* School of Informatics, Indiana University; ^Department of Sociology, Dartmouth College
Contextual Privacy Ethics and Wearable Devices [pdf]

Isaac Johnson and Brent Hecht, Northwestern University
Title: Inferred Profiles: Examining How People Understand and Control What Algorithms Infer about Them [pdf]

Bart P. Knijnenburg*, Elaine Raybourn^, David Cherry*, Daricia Wilkinson*, Saadhika Sivakumar*, and Henry Sloan~
*Clemson University  ^Sandia National Laboratories  ~Nyack High School
Title: Death To The Privacy Calculus? [pdf]

Xinru Page and Marco Marabelli, Bentley University
Title: Designing for Networked Privacy: Ethical Dilemmas that Come to the Forefront for the User [pdf]

Katy Peace (University of Washington) and Jessica Vitak (University of Maryland)
Title: The Ethical Implications of Studying Privacy in a Vulnerable Population [pdf]

Eugenia Ha Rim Rho, University of California, Irvine
Title: Privacy Norms in the Context of Connected & Self-Driving Cars [pdf]

Shruti Sannon, Cornell University
Title: When Privacy is Painful: Designing for Multiple Needs and Trade-offs [pdf]

Mel Stanfill , Anastasia Salter, Emily Johnson, and Pamela Wisniewski, University of Central Florida
Title: Participatory Design for Research on Technologically-Mediated Youth Sexuality: Ethical and Privacy Implications [pdf]

Jennifer Suh, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Maximizing the Quality of Social Support and Minimizing the Networked Privacy Risk [pdf]

Eran Toch, Tel Aviv University
Title: A Community-Based Approach to Networked Privacy [pdf]

Yang Wang and Yaxing Yao, Syracuse University
Title: Whose Privacy? The Case of Drone Controllers and Bystanders [pdf]